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London Marathon 2010

Contact Mike Gascoigne
Contact Mike Gascoigne

I ran the London Marathon on 25 April 2010, finishing in 4:46:26. It means I'm pretty much average for my age group (60-64), but only when I compare myself with the people who actually ran the London Marathon, many of whom had put in months of training. If I include all the people who never ran, who never put in an application to run, and all those who never run anywhere, I'm a long way up front.

Here are my race photos:

Arriving at the start.
Arriving at the start.
"What am I letting myself in for?"

Crossing Tower Bridge
Crossing Tower Bridge.
Almost half way.

Tower Bridge again
Tower Bridge again, just a few yards further on.

After the finish
After the finish, walking along the Mall, together with lots of other tired but happy people. No, I'm not carrying the same bottle of Lucozade. This is the one from my goody bag and I finished it by the time they took this picture.

After the finish
Smile for the camera. The heart on the right side of my shirt is for the British Heart Foundation. I raised about £200 for them. I wrote my name on it, and during the race I got more people cheering on the right side than on the left, shouting "Come on Mike". The watch on my left wrist is a GPS device so I knew how fast I was going throughout the race. The medal round my neck is permanently stuck to me, I can't seem to get it off.

Now I'm running the London Marathon again, on 22 April 2012, supporting the British Heart Foundation. Please send a donation.

Mike Gascoigne