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I had no previous ambition of ever joining a running club but having ran weekly on my own for up to 40 minutes Mike encouraged me to join him for a Sandhurst Joggers Club run. OK I'm not fast but it really doesn't matter.

Here are my race photos:

Fiona at Frimley Park 10K 2008
Here I am running in the Frimley Hospital 10K on 20th April 2008 to raise funds for The Transitional Care Baby Unit. Our children were born here.The race had been post-poned from 6th April due to snow.

Fiona finishing the Clarandon Half Marathon 2009
How's my hair looking?.
What joy. I've finished .

Some good hills but worth it for the view. Yes I did walk up them.

There were still people coming in behind me. That was because there were marathon runners who had already done a half marathon distance before I had even started.

Last October I tackled the Beachy Head Marathon, walking up the hills and running down them. I'm looking forward to doing it again next October. Having done that distance I felt confident enough to enter the London Marathon through the marshalls' ballot and yes, I have a place.

Fiona Gascoigne